Flying Times
There are several advantages of living in Mexico.

One of them is a better quality of the life since money can go a long way here and a lower cost of living means access to the better things in life and a more comfortable life.

The basic cost of living in Mexico is lower than that of the US, Canada and Europe, particularly for items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, baked goods, and other miscellaneous grocery items. Public transportation, piped water and gasoline are also less expensive. Some products such as computers and technology are more expensive in Mexico. Services such as maids and gardeners are very affordable here.

With the globalization, many of the products that one buys in Northern America are also available in Mexican stores.

The better climate of Mexico is also a powerful argument, since it enables people to take full advantage of spare time and outdoor activities.

Another reason cited is that this country provides an opportunity to “escape” and gain access to a different culture, a way of life with a slower pace in a rich culture that allows people to live and enjoy life more fully.

In several towns like San Miguel de Allende and Zihuatanejo there are expensive, gated communities with “expatriates”.

Foreigners generally find that Mexican people are traditionally warm, friendly and will make them feel welcome.

A great reason is that the closeness of Mexico means very decent flying times to most of the cities in the North America.