Monte Cristo’s natural reserve is perched on the pristine coastline of the Pacific and houses nine neighborhoods which can only be described as exclusive and magical, offering remarkable views, natural features and a unique perspectives on paradise.
Here the conservation of the ecology and the natural beauty of the place is the guideline for development in this area.
Secluded, creamy beaches surrounded by the translucent green and blue diamond-shaped bay afford tranquil, sun-drenched privacy hide.
Here you’ll discover a warm community of discerning individuals and families all connected by the spirit of this magical place. These exclusive homes share an intricate network of trails that run alongside and in-between houses.
Imagine breathtaking viewpoints, illuminated by the area’s nature and history in an exclusive place where you can enjoy life with your loved ones and discover your true self.
Monte Cristo is your connection to the best of the area and the true depth of living that this precious part of Mexico offers.